hOMe Yoga Experience is the most unique studio in Bergen County. Our intention is to embody the essence of yoga by making it accessible to EVERYONE. Its aim is to promote mindfulness and inner peace. The more often you are on the mat the more opportunity for self-love and wholeness. In this way we become an agent for healing the world from the inside out.

Welcome hOMe

Little did I know that deepening my yoga practice and curiosity around yoga philosophy would lead me to a program rich in transformative properties. Gina's ability to pierce the surface and delve into the symbolic, energetic and spiritual layers of Yoga, leads to profound self -awareness and subtle but poignant life shifts. The personal growth aspect of this program is magical. If it has ever crossed your mind to join a teacher training program, I strongly encourage you to meet Gina Goldberg and enroll in the Spirit of Yoga Training. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.